Soulmate Conversations

What’s this about?

I’m looking for a small number of women … ladies who would enjoy sharing with me their experiences of being a woman … to help in the writing of my next books about meeting, and living with, a soulmate.

A series of novellas, they will explore the realities of love in the context of intimate relationship.

I, as a man, am writing them from the perspective of the leading lady. No small challenge …HeartfulnessHence the reason for my request. I would love to find a few women who would be willing to engage in conversation with me about their experience of, for example:

  • Life as a woman in general
  • What you yearn for in an intimate relationship
  • Being a woman in an intimate relationship
  • Men, how they behave in general towards women
  • Men, how they behave when in, or wanting to be in, an intimate relationship

It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is, as I am exploring relationships from every perspective.

You could be in a relationship or looking to be in one.

If you live close to Bristol/Bath, UK, we can meet in person. If not, no worries, we can talk by phone or an Internet app such as Faceboook chat.


Clearly, we could touch upon some delicate areas, so to re-assure you:

• Everything you tell me will remain 100% confidential.

• I will not store any personally identifiable information online, on a computer, or as written notes.

• I will never share any personal information you reveal to me with any third party.

• At all times during our conversation you are free to reveal as little or as much about your personal life as you choose.

• Our conversations will not be recorded, by either of us.

Where could we meet?

I suggest meeting in a cafe, one that is reasonably quiet and in which you feel comfortable.

You are welcome to bring along a trusted female friend if that would allow you to feel safe.

Coffee is on me!


If the prospect of spending an hour or so in conversation with me appeals, please click here to send me an email.

I’ll send you my phone number and address – and leave the choice for you to get in touch.

We can chat briefly by phone and then, if we both feel peaceful about it, we can set up a time and place for our conversation.

I look forward to meeting you,

Leo Searle Hawkins