The Fulfillment Process

“The Power of Conscious Awareness” – principles

The "Power of Conscious Awareness" meditation will guide your attention to relax and rest into the feeling of Being ... which will bring about: the completion of the mind's wanting the end of poverty consciousness the birth of natural prosperity consciousness Although founded upon the principles of manifestation psychology, the primary purpose of the Power … Continue reading “The Power of Conscious Awareness” – principles

The Fulfillment Process

Conscious Love Intelligence

The Assume the Change meditation is a radically different approach to manifesting change in our lives than any other method that I know of. The manifestation teachings that are out in the world revolve primarily, and often exclusively, on teaching the practitioner that they can "get whatever they want". These false teachings play to human … Continue reading Conscious Love Intelligence

Heartful self-compassion

The way I see life is that we humans are rather like fish who live in an ocean. When the they are swimming around in the ocean, they probably don't think too much about it, it's just so obvious to them. Similarly, we have our existence in an ocean of consciousness whose very nature is … Continue reading Heartful self-compassion