Personal coaching

Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing

The personal coaching I offer is a transformational form of coaching that encompasses all that you would expect from traditional life coaching … and much more.

I can show you the way to the bliss of freedom from all past pain.

I can show you how to manifest a new future, free from the past.

Personal coaching takes place here and now – without delving into your past.


What would you love to manifest?

  • An intimate soulmate, your beloved whom you know is out there somewhere?
  • More close friends, so you can enjoy the nourishment of conscious company?
  • Soothing emotional stress?
  • Healing an existing relationship?
  • Simply feeling better about yourself?
  • Un-cluttering your mind and and enjoying greater clarity of thought?
  • To enjoy the blissful peace and happiness of Being?


Explore these facets of personal coaching


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Being who you would most deeply love to be, and living the life you would most deeply love to live, is absolutely possible.

All you have to do … is choose freedom … Now!

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With kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins



Important note: Personal coaching is not psychotherapy. You will not have to re-experience the pain you once knew. You will not have to re-visit your childhood traumas. You will not be analysed.

The power of personal coaching comes from your exploration of reality, in this present moment here and now.

Medical disclaimer: Personal coaching is for those who are mentally and emotionally stable, and who simply want to enrich their lives. If you are suffering from a psychiatric illness of any kind (including depression and paranoia), or have ever been sectioned, or are taking psycho-active drugs (legal or illegal), or are an alcoholic, coaching is not for you at this time. Please avail yourself of the appropriate professional medical care. And if you are feeling suicidal, contact The Samaritans or your doctor immediately.