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Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing


On this page you’ll find all the Silent Wisdom posts. I’ve separated them into categories to make them easier to find.


About the Silent Wisdom blog

What is the “Silent Wisdom” blog?


About the “Sacred Heart Prayers”

The Sacred Heart Prayers – principles



The Choice of Non-dual Devotion

Ego: The False Witness

Ego: The Waking Dream of Separation

“Me too” Enlightenment – A New Paradigm of Spirituality?


Present Moment Awareness

The Power of Present Moment Feeling

The Unmoving Nature of Being



Self-Inquiry: The Anytime Meditation

Self-Inquiry Made Simple – Part 1

Self-Inquiry Made Simple – Part 2

Self-inquiry Made Simple – Part 3

Self-Inquiry Made Simple – Part 4


Love & Relationships

What is a Soulmate?

A Great Love

The Power of Love

Feel the Freedom of Emotional Intimacy

Embracing our Fear of Intimacy

The Power of Naturally Harmonious Thinking



End the Suffering of Grief

The Potential Problem with “Let it Be” and “Let it Go”

Aversion – the Flip-side of Wanting

Somatic Releasing – the Natural Way to Release


Divine Manifestation

Conscious Love Intelligence

Create Your Life from Love



The Principles of Conscious Communication

The Power of Silence

The Power of Questions in Conscious Conversations

The Power of Pausing



Feel the Feeling of Confidence … Now!


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Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing