The Sacred Heart prayers

Would you like to be who you would love to be, do what you would love to do, and have what you would love to have?

These Sacred Heart guided contemplations enable you to relax and rest into the endless Source that makes everything possible:

  • The Love That Changes Everything
  • Unveil Your Soulmate


(Note: the video refers to "Assume the Change" – a previous name for The Sacred Heart Prayers)




Manifest the changes you would truly love to experience in your life and in the conditions of the world.

The principles you will learn though listening to this guided contemplation began coming to me following a dramatic revelation while drinking a cup of hot chocolate with a dear friend in a Bristol cafe.

I was shown a vision of the future that has been unfolding now for 12 years.

I was told that I would write about and teach the principles of consciously manifesting life-affirming changes from beyond the ego-mind.

It is my deepest desire that you too will enjoy manifesting positive changes to the conditions of your personal life and in the collective life of all humanity




Relax and rest into being the One your intimate beloved yearns to be with and is waiting in the wings to make his or her appearance in your life.

The principles you will learn through listening to this guided contemplation came to me prior to meeting my beloved wife and soulmate, Jenny, in 2010.

Our relationship is the most wonderfully intimate blessing I have ever known.

By putting the principles into practice, your dream of undying happiness in an intimate relationship can come true for you.

Btw: If you are already in a loving intimate relationship this meditation will still be of value, because applying the principles will enhance and make great what is already good.


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Leo Searle Hawkins


Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing