Personal Coaching: The Fulfillment Process

Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing

The Fulfillment Process is the core of personal story coaching – and is the means by which you can “re-write” your personal story.

You will learn how to ask yourself simple questions that facilitate the natural and easeful release of those painful thoughts and emotions that have held you back – from being who you would love to be and living the life you would love to live.

The Fulfillment Process includes the principles of Heartfulness, Manifestation and Self-inquiry

The limitations that you can live free from include:

  • Blocks to enjoying full health and happiness
  • Block to achieving your personal and professional goals.
  • Blocks to enjoying sustainable financial abundance.
  • Blocks to enjoying a deeply fulfilling intimate relationship.
  • Blocks to finding and living with your soulmate.


The questions that will set you free

For the process to be fully effective it’s important to first relax attention into the bodily feeling sense of your Heart.

Simply allow all thoughts that are contrary to unconditional loving acceptance to effortlessly drop away, leaving you free, happy and feeling at peace.


Consciously surrender your judgements – of yourself and others

Our “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” point to our resistance to the reality of what is.

Resistance creates and perpetuates suffering, lack and limitation, disharmony and stress, and poverty consciousness.

When you surrender your judgements you will discover the perpetual peace and never-ending happiness that they have been veiling from your experience of life.

The result is that you will feel a blissful freedom that is beyond price.



Guided coacing sessions

Each releasing session unfolds spontaneously according to the unique needs of each individual. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” process in other words. This means each of my clients has a unique experience, enabling powerful insights to emerge.

The Fulfillment Process offers you a way of conscious living that spontaneously transforms your mind to bring about harmony and well-being.

The qualities of a harmonious mind encompass compassion (including self-compassion), appreciation, kindness, acceptance and gratitude.

Simply put, The Fulfillment Process offers what we all yearn for: a peacefully happy and abundantly successful life.


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“I’ve been associated with Leo for a period of approximately five years in my capacity of consultant and trainer with the Brunel Training Group. During courses of training for the UK Ministry of Defence that we’ve shared together his workshop skills have been received with great appreciation.

“Personally it is always a pleasure to work with Leo, who is totally professional in all aspects of his course delivery. His interpersonal skills are particularly well honed, which I am sure stems from his background as a healer and therapist, as it always appears that he is not phased by any unusual request or question.

“Leo’s depth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects is a particular strength which he uses to great advantage in leading courses, coaching delegates, and sharing in conversation with course delegates during and after formal sessions.

“It is therefore a great pleasure and an honour to recommend this extremely versatile trainer and mentor who gives 100% to every task he undertakes.”

John Seward, Brunel Training Group


Allow the silence of your Heart to transform your thinking mind



With kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins




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Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing