Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

We all know that modern life can be extremely stressful. And of course most everyone wants to know how to reduce the  stress they feel in their relationships.

A good option is to learn the practice of mindfulness, which is well-known to help alleviate stress (I trained at Bangor University to teach the famous 8-week Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme).

A daily mindfulness practice will greatly enhance your life. There’s no doubt about that. And … there’s more to reducing stress than just practicing mindfulness techniques.


Recognising this, I blended my theoretical and experiential knowledge of mindfulness with the principles of Conscious Loving.

From the synergy of these two powerful approaches to life I created a simple, easy and highly effective way of reducing stress. I call this simple practice “Mindfulness-based Conscious Living”.

What will Mindfulness-Based Conscious Living for Stress Reduction give you?

  • Simple relaxation methods that can be practiced anywhere at any time.
  • Simple practices to reduce and even live completely free from anxiety.
  • Solutions to problems you’ve been struggling with may spontaneously pop into your mind.
  • All mental and emotional pain can be resolved.
  • Even physical ailments may find healing, or at least a reduction in pain.
  • Post traumatic stress, and other trauma from your past, can be dissolved.
  • You’ll be able to see a clear way forward into your future – from the clarity of this present moment.


Developing the skill of Mindfulness-based Conscious Loving can pay dividends in every area of your relationships, work and life as a whole.

Mindful self-compassion, kindness and gratitude lies at the Heart of reducing stress

“I feel much more calm, peaceful, and less stressed”

Emma Morley

Create Your Life from Conscious Love


If you feel an attraction to engaging with me professionally, please get in touch for an informal conversation in which I will answer all your questions about Personal & Professional Mentoring.

And, following that conversation, if it feels appropriate for both of us I am happy to offer a completely free 1-1.5 hour session to demonstrate the principles experientially.

Sessions take place

  • In-person at my Bristol (UK) consulting room
  • By Skype
  • By phone

How to get in touch

May you enjoy increasing clarity, calm and abundant well-being,



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