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Four reasons professional people seek me out

1) Because they realise it is far more effective to be guided by someone who has traversed a trail before them, and thus knows the way,  than to figure out a route through unknown territory by themselves.

2) Because the best choice for your future direction often becomes clear once the “thought-fog” blows away.

3) Because solutions to personal and professional problems often emerge spontaneously from our authentic, heart-felt conversations.

4) Because having someone to simply talk through personal or professional challenges – in absolute privacy and 100% confidentiality – can be of immense value in and of itself.

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Unlike most coaching or therapeutic processes there will be …

  • No “homework” or “tasks” to add to your already busy and committed day – unless you want them.
  • No looking in the “rear view mirror” of your life through regression or “inner child” therapy in an attempt to change the unchangeable past.
  • No navel gazing.
  • No hypnosis.
  • No psychoanalysis.
  • No “baring your emotional soul” – you only need to tell yourself the truth in the privacy of your own mind and share with me only that which you feel safe and comfortable about sharing.

Btw: If you want to be held accountable for taking the actions you tell me you want to take, we can arrange that. And we can create a bespoke action plan if that would serve you. We can even explore the fields of self discovery and creative materialisation if you feel that would serve you.

Mindful Professionals is a bespoke programme built specifically for your individual and organisational requirements.

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My track record in business:

  • Author of “How to Succeed in Network Marketing” – conventionally published in hardback and paperback by Piatkus Books in 1991, selling over 50,000 copies in four languages
  • Created Benz Softwash Ltd – which became a 6-figure business inside 2 years, from a standing start
  • Author of “Break Out of Your Mind” – self-published in 2007 and sold via all international bookshops. Also sold to Ankh-Hermes, Holland’s leading mind-body-spirit publisher
  • Corporate trainer contracting to the Ministry of Defence, DVLA, Met Office, Environment Agency and Hewlett Packard – with no prior organisational experience or qualifications, for ten years
  • Freelance coach, counsellor and mentor since 1991
  • Created, delivered and promoted hundreds of personal and professional development workshops and courses, running for up to 2 years in length
  • Created a highly successful cleaning business from scratch and ran it for 10 years
  • Mentored a number of local business owners for individual personal and profesional development

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Corporate quality mindfulness mentoring and training

Interested in knowing more about Mindful Professionals? If so get in touch for an informal conversation during which I will answer all your questions.

“It’s a pleasure to be in the client role with Leo. He has great experience, training and wisdom and works in a wonderfully intuitive style. I love the way he beautifully draws together strands from different disciplines and produces a highly effective custom-built approach to guide you to a more resourceful place.

“At times of crisis he has helped me enormously. I always leave these conversations feeling ‘OK’ about myself. And he’s not just there for the bad times. He has helped me see all sorts of things more clearly, so I have more choice in what I do and how I do it. I have also learned a lot from Leo that I am able to use in my own work with clients.”

Sue Lickorish, executive coach and training consultant

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May you enjoy increasing clarity, calm and abundant well-being,



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