The Principles of Clear Communication


These simple principles can be helpful guidelines for Clear, Conscious Communication in professional and personal relationships


Pause from all activity, take a deep breath and simply be aware of whatever sensations you are aware of in your body


Allow yourself to relax by becoming curious about, and interested in, your bodily felt experience


Be open to whatever thoughts want to emerge


Listen to the silence within, the silence of your spiritual Heart


Trust whatever words, images and insights emerge into awareness from inner silence


Speak the truth of whatever emerges in the spirit of acceptance, compassion, kindness and gratitude


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When we speak our truth the words that emerge often contain solutions to our problems


“Working with Leo was easy and enjoyable. He respected my views and opinions while also questioning and exploring in a non-threatening way when needed.”

Paul Baker, sustainable business consultant

Create Your Life from Conscious Love



















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And, following that conversation, if it feels appropriate for both of us I am happy to offer a completely free 1-1.5 hour session to demonstrate the principles experientially.

Sessions take place

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Accreditation: This is my adaptation of the Insight Dialogue process developed by Gregory Kramer.