Mindfulness-based Insight Mentoring

Each mentoring session unfolds spontaneously according to the unique needs of each individual. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” process in other words.

This means each of my clients has a bespoke experience of working with me, enabling powerful personal shifts of perception to emerge.

The absolute importance of Heartfulness

Watch the video below to see and hear what Jon Kabat-Zinn, who brought secular mindfulness to the world, has to say about the absolute importance of “Heartfulness”.

Heartfulness is the spirit of acceptance, compassion, kindness and gratitude (aka “Conscious Love“) – the essential ingredients without which mindfulness loses it’s power by becoming nothing more than a mental technique: 


I incorporate the principles of Heartfulness into all my mindfulness-based programmes


“I’ve been associated with Leo for a period of approximately five years in my capacity of consultant and trainer with the Brunel Training Group. During courses of training for the UK Ministry of Defence that we’ve shared together his workshop skills have been received with great appreciation.

“Personally it is always a pleasure to work with Leo, who is totally professional in all aspects of his course delivery. His interpersonal skills are particularly well honed, which I am sure stems from his background as a healer and therapist, as it always appears that he is not phased by any unusual request or question.

“Leo’s depth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects is a particular strength which he uses to great advantage in leading courses, coaching delegates, and sharing in conversation with course delegates during and after formal sessions.

“It is therefore a great pleasure and an honour to recommend this extremely versatile trainer and mentor who gives 100% to every task he undertakes.”

John Seward, Brunel Training Group

Create Your Life from Conscious Love

If you feel an attraction to engaging with me professionally, please get in touch for an informal conversation in which I will answer all your questions about Personal and Professional Mentoring.

And, following that conversation, if it feels appropriate for both of us I am happy to offer a completely free 1-1.5 hour session to demonstrate the principles experientially.

Sessions take place

  • In-person at my Bristol (UK) consulting room
  • By phone
  • By Skype

How to get in touch

May you enjoy increasing clarity, calm and abundant well-being,


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