Leave Loneliness & Sadness Behind

Loneliness and sadness are feelings that arise from a prior thought. But trying to “think our way out” of these powerful emotions seldom, if ever, works.

So instead of thinking, one of the most effective, albeit paradoxical, ways to release these feelings is to feel the feelings, completely through your whole body.

This requires us to be as fully conscious in the here and now as we can, witnessing the feelings from present moment reality and from safety of Conscious Love.


This simple, yet highly effective process, is best understood through the analogy of driving a car around a corner in slippery conditions. As the car begins to skid, most people’s  knee-jerk reaction is to turn the steering wheel away from the direction of the skid. But this will result in the driver losing all control over the vehicle.

What actually works is counter-intutive – to turn into the direction of the skid. This results in the driver regaining control of the vehicle. And once they have control again he or she can safely point the vehicle where they want it to go.

Clearly this is not a practice everyone can do by themselves, nor should most people attempt it unless they have been trained in mindfulness, emotional releasing and how to harness the power of Conscious Love.

For the majority of people the skilful guidance of someone who has travelled the path before them, and is skilled in faciliating others, is a boon beyond words, someone who can hold them safe while the energy releases.


Leave the pain from your past, in the past – and feel present moment joy

“Thank you Leo. I now feel more confident to stand up and go forward. I enjoyed every minute and would recommend you to anyone.”

Andrena Forrest


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May you enjoy increasing clarity, calm and abundant well-being,


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