Healing the Pain of Grief

Some people believe that “we cannot recover from grief but can only learn to live with it”. This, in my experience and others I know, is totally untrue.

When someone we love dies, one of the most powerful healing questions we can ask ourselves is: “Do I love you enough to let you go?


The way to resolve even the deepest grief revolves around the simple principles of Truth and Conscious Love

  1. Tell yourself the truth of your emotional and bodily-felt experience
  2. Accept your experience in the spirit of self-compassion and gratitude
  3. Consciously Love yourself just the way you are, being kind to yourself at this most challenging time


Too simple to be true? I know it can seem that way at first.

But the fact is the process through which you can leave the pain of grief in the past is very simple; although when we attempt to do it by ourselves it may not be that easy.

That is where the support and guidance of a trained professional, who also has first-hand experience of resolving their own grief, comes in.

You see, apart from my professional training and qualifications and my professional experience, both my parents, both my brothers, all my aunties and uncles, several close friends, and my beloved soulmate and greatest love, Jenny, have died. In addition back in the ’70s I worked as a gravedigger for a few years. So I am deeply aquainted with death and the process of healing from grief.


Along the way I set up the Bristol “Death Cafe” to bring people together to share their experiences of death and dying while enjoying a pleasant social cuppa. This event, contrary to the gloom and doom atmosphere that most people would most likely imagine it to have, turned out to be filled with warm-hearted, and deeply healing, laughter and joy.


My experience tells me that, when you can see clearly through the smog of painful thoughts and emotions, you too will be able to see a new and joyful direction for living the rest of your life.

Your conscious love can heal the most devastating grief – freeing you to enjoy the rest of your life



“Anyone, if you are suffering from grief whether following death or separation from someone you love, you can be free of emotional pain. With Leo’s guidance, after three years of all consuming grief, I recovered in less than three weeks. I never thought the pain would go. It left several years ago never to return.”

Margaret Burden

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May you enjoy increasing clarity, calm and abundant well-being,


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