Here’s Your Free “Conscious Love” Manifestation Meditation


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“Create Your Life from Conscious Love”

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This meditation took me 7 years to refine to the point where it is now both very simple and highly effective. My intention in creating it is to enable you to avail yourself of the power of conscious love – transforming your thinking and allowing your life to manifest in the most joyful and harmonious way.

I suggest listening to the meditation frequently – ideally 1-2 times daily – which will cumulatively build it’s transformative power.

And pause the recording whenever you feel intuitively moved to drop deeper into your experience.


Tips on how to listen for best results

  • If possible, use wrap-around, high-quality headphones
  • Sit upright, which helps you to stay awake
  • Ensure you have 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time
  • Let others know what you are doing and ask them not to disturb you
  • Allow a few minutes upon completion of the meditation to sit in silent reflection

Active Pausing

To get the most out of this meditation I suggest you pause it at any point, when you want to:

  • Dive deeper into your experience
  • Savour your experience more fully


Practical Conscious Loving

When you hear me talk about “Loving” I suggest thinking of this love as being the expression of mindful acceptance, compassion, kindness and gratitude.


If the feeling of loving does not immediately come to you, think of someone or something that you are sure you love.

This could be a person, animal, plant, place or object. You see “Love is Love is Love” and does not change when the object of our love changes. So when we feel love in one context, we can allow that same love to flow into another context simply by shifting the focus of our attention.

Then, when guided by my voice, simply allow this feeling of loving to flow to your thoughts and physical sensations. Trust the natural intelligence of love to flow to where it knows will be most beneficial for you.


Btw: I’m developing the principles of conscious loving through various Divine Romance blog posts so you can understand and apply this immense power to enhance your everyday life.

The Purpose of this Meditation

  • To manifest the true wealth of loving expression – acceptance, compassion, kindness and gratitude
  • To clear all thoughts of lack and limitation – leaving your mind quiet and still
  • To unveil your natural Self – who and what you really are as free, timeless Being
  • And to simply be the Happiness of your Heart


May you be blessed with great joy, blissful peace and abundant love,