Here’s your “Assume the Change” meditation

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The Assume the Change meditation combines the power of The Release Process with the power of mindful awareness and creative imagination, so you can enjoy being who you would most deeply love to be.

“By ourselves, we can do nothing – only Consciousness Itself has the power to bring about lasting change in the world

Enjoy living the life you would most deeply love to live – by learning and practicing this simple process.


Suggestions for the most effective listening

This is not a mind process, so there is nothing for you to “do” with your mind. The meditation will open you to the power of Consciousness Itself, which will do all that is necessary to bring you to the peace, love and happiness that your Heart yearns for.

  • Listen as frequently as possible, so the principles become assimilated into your long-term memory.
  • Pause the recording whenever you want to feel more deeply into the truth my words point to.
  • Feel into the spirit of the process.
  • If you notice yourself “trying” to do the process with your mind, pause, breathe, release (let go of) the tension of trying – then resume the meditation.
  • Listen with your eyes closed, which will help you focus within.
  • Sit upright, which will help you stay awake.
  • Use wrap-around, high-quality headphones, which offer a deeper tone.
  • Ensure you have 20 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time.
  • Let others know what you are doing and ask them not to disturb you.
  • Give yourself the gift of some time at the end to simply sit and savour the feeling of relaxed, silent peace.

Please do not listen to this meditation when driving, operating any form of machinery, or when you are involved in any potentially hazardous task.

Please read these Silent Wisdom posts alongside your listening. They explain the process of Assume the Change and thus help you get more value from the meditation:

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