Yes, You Can Feel More Confident

A natural, unforced confidence is the essential ingredient in all healthy relationships and all inner and outer achievement. In life few things are certain but I know for sure that you can tap into the source of natural self-confidence.

When you do, you’ll gain the ability to act and speak without knowing for sure what will happen next, which is a powerful place to live from and to communicate from.

If you don’t value yourself, it’s only because deep inside you’ve been believing negative and self-limiting thoughts about yourself and your abilities.

If you identify with these depressing thoughts of lack and limitation, life can feel like hell on Earth. You’ll probably feel like the victim of your environment, work and obligations. You’ll likely attract relationships with people who are not emotionally available and who may even abuse you.

Fortunately, there is a wonderful alternative …

True self-onfidence enhances many areas of life

  • Creating joyful intimate relationships
  • Resolving social anxiety
  • Making new friends
  • Dating
  • Speaking in public with easeful presence
  • Productive professional networking
  • Tackling a new project
  • Starting a business
  • Changing career
  • and more …


The foundation of true confidence is a deep inner certainty that manifests as an unshakeable feeling of safety and security. Then, from this foundation of safety and security you’ll be able to confidently go out into the world and live the life your Heart truly desires.

Whatever and however you choose to live, you’ll have the confidence to relax and simply be your natural self.

Many people live with a nagging unease that their sense of self could collapse at any moment. This anxiousness can be so stressful it makes some people physically ill. The underlying stress of insecurity means they gain only limited joy from consuming or achieving the pleasures of the world.

And what small satisfaction they do get, they enjoy for only a short time before it dissipates.

A facet of life that’s undeniable is that every-thing changes. So you’ll only feel truly safe, secure and confident when you rest your attention in the unchanging silence that lives in the very essence of who you are.


This inner silence:

  • never changes
  • never feels anxious
  • never lacks confidence

Do you believe confidence comes from mental strength, from having a powerful “self-image”? If so, you may have tried to get your way through the forcefulness or charm of your personality.

But the price may have been loneliness and failed relationships.

The truth is, If you attempt to build your confidence on mental foundations it’s like building castles made of sand. This is because your mind, like the whole of life, always changes. And inevitably the ocean will wash away all your castles, including your mind castles, and leave you with nothing.


The most egoically strong person is nowhere near as powerful as someone living from non-judgemental acceptance of what is, from the unthought confidence that arises spontaneously from inner silence.

True self-confidence and high self-respect are independent of your possessions, money, who you are in relationship with, or how your body looks.



High self-confidence and self-respect arise naturally from who you are


“A valuable course for anyone wishing to develop self-confidence – be prepared to challenge your beliefs!”

Liz Whitmarsh


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