Compassionate Listening

Oprah Winfrey in conversation with mindfulness teacher, Thich Nhat Hahn, about the power of Compassionate Listening

What I do not offer my clients

  • Advice
  • My own solutions
  • Probing questions, without first listening deeply

What I do offer my clients

A compassionate listening ear.

Carefully worded, thoughtful and supportive questions to help my clients gain greater clarity.

Listening deeply may at first appear to be a small, insignificant, or perhaps merely conceptual distinction from a regular conversation.

But the shift that listening deeply and compassionately makes in the experience to the person being listened to is very real.


What about my friends, family, and colleagues – can’t I just talk to them?

Of course. But in our hectic world where just about everyone already has more to do than time to do it in, our friends and colleagues can only give so much. And our relationships can suffer if we burden them with too many of our problems.

Also, the simple fact is that most people simply do not know how to listen deeply to another person.

And yet when we feel truly heard, much stress drops away and our future direction becomes clear …


Compassionate listening can bring clarity and insight

“Leo listened carefully to me and showed his deep understanding of what it was I wanted to express. He conveyed great empathy and gave me much support. I really appreciate his contribution to my work.”

Carrie Rose, Counsellor, writer, and workshop facilitator


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If you feel an attraction to engaging with me professionally, please get in touch for an informal conversation in which I will answer all your questions about Personal & Professional Mentoring.

And, following that conversation, if it feels appropriate for both of us I am happy to offer a completely free 1-1.5 hour session to demonstrate the principles experientially.

Sessions take place

  • In-person at my Bristol (UK) consulting room
  • By phone
  • By Skype

How to get in touch with me

May you enjoy increasing clarity, calm and abundant well-being,



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