Clearing Fears & Phobias

Whatever you want to achieve, whatever you would love to do, whatever relationship you would like to be in – the one single factor that will hold you back from the fulfilment of your Heart’s desire is FEAR.

Btw: “Phobias” are caused by memories of emotionally charged events, usually from childhood, which have become frozen in time by fear. And so they impact your present moment experience as if the events they represent were still happening.

We could think of this as if the thoughts were like waves of an ocean that have became frozen. The warmth of your Conscious Love can un-freeze the waves, which then spontaneously melt back into the ocean of consciousness from whence they emerged.

This is how the deepest and most painful phobias can effortlessly dissolve, leaving only clarity and calm.

Fear is the primal negative emotion that underpins all others

Of course, the fear that stops us walking in front of a bus is healthy. A similar fear got our ancestors to run away from sabre-toothed tigers. This fear is essential for our physical survival.

But the fear that stops us living our dreams and enjoying a soulmate relationship is neither healthy nor helpful.


Now, it’s possible to interpret the physiological symptoms of fear in different ways. In other words we can choose the meaning we make from them, the story we tell ourselves.

For example, when experiencing the emotion labelled “fear”, our heartbeat may increase, our palms may become sweaty, our stomach may do somersaults, our breathing may become more intense, and so on.

Notice that these symptoms are almost the same whether you feel frightened or excited


Try playing with these acronyms of the word F.E.A.R.

1 False Evidence Appearing Real

2 Feeling Excited And Ready

3 F**k Everything And Run!

Notice how you can make whatever meaning you choose from the same feeling and the same four letters.

The meaning you choose will determine how confident you feel to take action and live the life you would most love to enjoy.


Your Conscious Love can melt the frozen thought waves of fear – freeing you to live the life you choose

“Leo encouraged me to face and deal with my fears. Our sessions were relaxed and sprinkled with humour (fears are ridiculous things) but he didn’t let me off the hook in dealing with issues I need to look at. Each time I reflect on my journey, I am truly surprised at the achievements I have made. Leo’s empathetic style means that I feel he genuinely shares my successes and this also contributes to boosting my confidence.”

Claire Coldwell, Ad Astra Career Management Consultants


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May you enjoy increasing clarity, calm and abundant well-being,


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