Break Out (of the prison) of Your Mind – quick view

Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing


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Who and what are you – truly?

This short, easy-to-read paperback book clearly and logically explains how to move from thinking you know who you are to the feeling of being who you truly are.

You’ll discover the principles of Self-inquiry, the ancient yogic practice updated and simplified for Western life in the 21st Century.

When you “break out” of identification with your thoughts, you free your mind to be your powerful and devoted servant.

  • Your mind will become clear, focused and imbued with infinite intelligence.
  • All the events of your life will become a source of learning and growth.
  • You will come to know the living truth of the timeless, Divinely beautiful Being you really are – and truth will make you free …

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Break Out of Your Mind
Allow the silence of the Heart to transform your thinking mind – and set you free …


“I love this book. It stands alone as a succinct exposition of the transcendental approach to being present in the Here and Now, with the emphasis on Being rather than doing.

“Being in the Now is an elusive skill and explaining how to attain it even more so. Leo has done a masterful job of it here, while managing to give of himself fully from the Heart in threading his own story into the narrative.

“Reading it, you feel you’re with a great friend as well as great teacher and I recommend it highly.”

Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor


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Conscious Love