“Assume the Change” – principles & purpose

Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing

The primary purpose of the Assume the Change meditation is to guide attention to the direct perception of the Silence of the Heart. From this conscious, intelligent silence emerges all wisdom.

This intelligent silence is the Witness Consciousness you may have heard of or read about.


The Assume the Change meditation harnesses the principles of manifestation psychology, not to fuel yet more egoic desire (with it’s inherent and inevitable suffering) but to unveil the living reality of our mutual One Heart, the Self of all.

I’ll use the first inquiry to illustrate this principle from my own experience: “… telling your Self the truth about your deepest, most Heart-felt desire … about your yearning to … be happy now … about your yearning to be the One you would most deeply, most perfectly, love to be … the One who lives the happy life you would love to live ..”

When I inquire into my deepest, most Heart-felt desire – past the initial thoughts of everyman for money, food and sex – what comes is to live a life of devotion and love for Divinity, God, our mutual One Self who is the living essence of us all.

And as I feel even deeper, my desire is for Divine Will to create, manifest, to bring into my life, only that which Divinity Itself knows will result in peace, love and happiness for all.

And the response that comes to me when I feel even more deeply into the deafening Silence of the Heart, is a desire to be conscious 24/7 as the Silence of the Heart itself, Consciousness Itself, devoid of all remaining egoic thought clouds of illusory separation.

And finally, desire itself transforms, relaxes, into love; and living the remainder of this life simply as the complete and perfect expression of unconditional love, which is perpetual peace and never-ending happiness.


Now, the above example is just my experience of engaging with the inquiry. I do not mean it as a suggestion that everyone who reads this should have the same desire. No, everyone must feel into their Heart and discover their own truth for themselves.

That way we all can step into freedom, devoid of beliefs foisted upon us by others who may lay claim to know more than we.

The only true “spiritual teacher”, “spiritual master”, or “spiritual guru” is the silence of our mutual One Heart.

This silence lives within us all a our most intimate essence.

When you discover this silence for yourself, through your devoted inquiry into truth and reality, you will come to know that who and what you truly are, in reality, is the silence of the Heart.

You will come to know that You are the only spiritual teacher you will ever need, You are the only spiritual master there ever has been or will be, You are the guru, the Heart Itself, You are real, as opposed to imaginary or conceptual, God.


Now, what could possible get in the way of this most wonderful realisation, this awakening to the truth of who and what we really are as being, always and already free?

Only when our desire for the pleasures of this world exceed that of our love for truth-reality-freedom, do we lose sight of the timeless diamond that is within our grasp every moment of every day.

I’ve noticed that the attractions, even the greatest of pleasures – with which the amusement park of this human created world promises to fulfill us and make us happy – pale all too quickly. And then they are replaced by yet more desires for the transient pleasures of things, experiences and relationships.

And so the cycle of desiring, of ceaseless wanting, goes on … and on … and on …

This is what Buddha called “the wheel” of samsara – a never-ending cycle of events that moves from the birth of a body, to the death of that body, and then to the birth of yet another body.

It is a wheel of never-ending suffering, perpetuated by the hypnotic illusion of separation.

Awakening from our hypnotic trance comes when we choose to transmute our desires for the world to the singular desire for freedom, liberation from the wheel of suffering.

And even this final desire will one day dissolve into the indescribable bliss of being, wherein no separate “I” remains to desire anything – and only the desire of our One Heart, which is unconditional love, shines forth as reality itself.


The Silence of the Heart is the pure Consciousness that Buddha called “nirvana” – perpetual bliss and permanent freedom from all suffering.

What else could anyone love more?


To use the meditation most effectively

  • Pause it whenever you want more time
  • Sit with the offered inquiries in silence
  • Feel into your truth, as opposed to intellectualising it
  • Notice (ie witness) whatever arises in response to the inquiries

Even if a meditation session doesn’t get past the first inquiry, but attention drops deep into the bliss of Being, then that would be a successful and worthwhile session in my view.

The process is not necessarily linear.

Awakening may occur at any point during the meditation … although that point will always be Now … 🙂


It is crucial to your success with the process that you do not try to “think” about the inquiries, in a vain attempt to find answers intellectually. That would be hard work, fruitless and would likely bring about a headache.

And would be absolutely zero fun.


My suggestion is to simply, for every inquiry the meditation offers, and for which you feel an attraction to explore more deeply, is to: a) pause, b) breathe, c) feel what you are feeling in your body, d) listen to the Silence of the Heart, and e) effortlessly notice whatever insights, visions and intuitions emerge from Silence.

It really could not be simpler … and yet this very simplicity is what mind tends to find challenging.

Until, that is, it falls in love with Silence …


It is also possible to listen passively, at least at first, without consciously engaging with the inquiries.

This is because I’ve designed the Assume the Change meditation to communicate at both conscious and sub-conscious levels. Therefore, even if you go to sleep while listening, it can still have a positive effect.

So if it feels appropriate for you, especially during the first few times of engaging with the meditation, I suggest listening passively simply as a way to, as it were, make friends with the meditation.

Simply listen without trying to understand or engage with the inquiries, allowing my words to speak to that deep place within you that yearns to hear their message of unconditional love.

With regular listening you will notice subtle changes of perception surfacing spontaneously, often quite unexpectedly, and always easefully and naturally.


The only real problem there ever is …

It is only thinking that can get in the way of success with the meditation – and life itself come to that. It is only thinking that “tries” to “do”, only thinking that creates blocks and barriers, only thinking that creates a problem.

Fortunately … simply and effortlessly noticing that there is awareness of thinking is, in essence, all that is required.

Then, relax and allow attention to become very interested in this observing/witnessing awareness.

When attention becomes more and more interested in witnessing awareness – to the extent of falling in love with awareness – the principle that “what we give attention to grows and is who we become” comes into play.


Eventually it will become apparent that there is no actual separation between awareness and that which awareness is aware of.

You will know through direct perception, as opposed to intellectually, that all thoughts and feelings of separation were only, ever, purely imaginary – a principle delightfully illustrated in the Emperor’s New Clothes story.

And you will know the truth of Buddha’s words: “Nirvana is samsara and samsara is nirvana”.



I hope the above is helpful. Feel free to ask me questions about the meditation – and anything else to do with the awakening of Consciousness – either in the comments section below or by sending me an email.

I have endless patience for anyone who yearns to know the reality of who and what we, every one of us, truly are – Consciousness Itself.


Feel free to get in touch


With kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins

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