“The Power of Conscious Awareness” – principles

Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing

The “Power of Conscious Awareness” meditation will guide your attention to relax and rest into the feeling of Being … which will bring about:

  • the completion of the mind’s wanting
  • the end of poverty consciousness
  • the birth of natural prosperity consciousness

Although founded upon the principles of manifestation psychology, the primary purpose of the Power of Conscious Awareness meditation is to guide your attention to the direct perception of your true identity.

Thus this meditation is not intended merely to help you manifest more things in the world, or heal deep emotional pain and mental stress – although both may occur – but is intended as a helpful guide that can unveil your true nature, which is conscious awareness itself.


Now, what could possible get in the way of this most wonderful realisation, this awakening to the truth of who and what you really are as conscious awareness, always and already free?

Only when your love for freedom exceeds your wanting the pleasures of this world, will you receive the gift of the timeless Divine diamond – a diamond that is actually within your reach every moment of every day.


I’ve noticed that the attractions, even the greatest of pleasures – with which the amusement park of this human created world promises to fulfill us and make us happy – pale all too quickly.

The temporary satisfaction of getting what we want never leads to true, lasting fulfillment, only a temporary release of stress. And then the object of our wanting is replaced by yet more craving for the transient pleasures of things, experiences and relationships.


And so the cycle of ceaseless wanting, goes on … and on … and on …


This is what Buddha called “the wheel” of samsara – a never-ending cycle of events that moves from the birth of a body, to the death of that body, and then to the birth of yet another body.

It is a wheel of never-ending suffering, perpetuated by the hypnotic illusion that we are separate from each other, separate from nature, separate from the entire universe, separate from the Divine Beauty of our mutual One Self.

Awakening from our hypnotic trance comes about when we choose to transmute our wanting the transient pleasures of the world to a great love for liberation from suffering.


The essential nature of conscious awareness is what Buddha called “nirvana”, which is perpetual bliss and permanent freedom from all suffering. It could be called happiness, but a happiness unknown to egoic mind, a happiness without an opposite of sadness.

What else could anyone love more?


To use the meditation most effectively

  • Pause it whenever you want more time to feel into your experience
  • Sit with the offered principles in silence
  • Feel into your truth, as opposed to intellectualising it
  • Notice (i.e. witness) whatever experience or intuitive wisdom arises

Awakening is not a linear process that happens through time.

Awakening may occur suddenly and spontaneously at any point during the meditation … and that point will always be Now … 🙂


It is crucial to your success with the process that you do not try to “think” about it, in a vain attempt to find answers intellectually. That would be hard work, fruitless and would likely bring about a headache.

And would be absolutely zero fun.

Simply by regular listening you will notice subtle changes of perception surfacing spontaneously, often quite unexpectedly, sometimes in everyday life when you are not thinking of the meditation, and always easefully and naturally.


It really could not be simpler … and yet this very simplicity is what the intellectual mind tends to find challenging.

Until attention falls in love with conscious awareness …


The only real problem there ever is …

It is only thinking that can get in the way of success with this meditation – and life itself come to that. It is only mind that “tries” to “do”, only mind that creates blocks and barriers, only mind that creates a problem.

Fortunately … simply and effortlessly noticing that there is awareness of the body, and of thinking, is, in essence, all that is required.

Then, relax and allow attention to become very interested in this observing/witnessing conscious awareness.

When attention becomes more and more interested in conscious awareness – to the extent of falling in love with awareness – the principle that “what we give attention to grows and is who we become” comes into play and will spontaneously bring about your conscious evolution.


Eventually it will become apparent that there is no actual separation between awareness and that which awareness is aware of, and  in reality there never has been any separation. Only to the illusory ego did it appear so.

You will come to know through direct perception, as opposed to mere intellectual conceptualising, that all thoughts and feelings of separation were only, ever, purely imaginary – a principle delightfully illustrated in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.


I hope the above is helpful. Feel free to ask me questions about the meditation – and anything else to do with the power of conscious awareness – either in the comments section below or by sending me an email.


Click here to get in touch


With kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins

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