Get Break Out of Your Mind free – until 14.07.19


If you would like a free Kindle copy of Break Out of Your Mind, (6th edition 2018) please follow the links below to download from Amazon.

Note that this offer expires on Sunday 14th July 2019

So if you want a copy it would be wise to act now.

If the links above don’t work, just type “Break Out of Your Mind” into the Amazon search bar.

Btw: If you are not sure which edition you have, check the sub-title of your existing copy – the sub-title of the 6th is “you are not who you think you are”.


And … if you would like to read the paperback, and haven’t already got it, I highly recommend purchasing the paperback of the 6th edition. (You’ll find this on the same Amazon page as the Kindle book, just select the paperback box). Still only £10.


I spent 5 years creating this new edition, adding new material and editing existing text to more accurately point to truth, freedom and reality.

I’ve especially emphasised the essential paradigm shift from “thinking” about your conscious evolution to feeling the feeling of Being.

From my Heart to your Heart,





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