The Power of Questions in Conscious Conversations

A conscious conversation is a two-way relationship in which both people listen deeply and, when appropriate, ask questions.

A key difference between a conscious conversation and an ordinary conversation is that we value our subjective intuitive insights, not only objective intellectual analysis.

After all, the reality is that if all that was required to resolve your personal or professional problem was intellectual analysis, you would most likely have discovered and implemented that solution long ago …


Questions enable you to refocus your attention

• On an area of your experience you were not previously aware of. They bringing it to your awareness, from which you can gain insights upon which to base your choices.

• On inner silence, the source of intuitive creative wisdom.

• On how you truly think and feel about a personal or professional situation. This can be difficult without the help of another person whose only interest is in helping you gain increased clarity.

Most people know on some level that there’s not much in the way of true listening happening in most of our everyday encounters.

And yet there’s something almost magical about the insights that can arise when we simply pause for a moment, take a single long breath, ask ourselves a question, and truly listen to the response that will emerge from silence.

Powerful insights into the most challenging personal and professional challenges arise when two people are willing to trust whatever spontaneously emerges as we ask incisive questions, speak our truth, listen deeply to each other’s responses and, most importantly, listen deeply to our own silent inner wisdom.

A conscious conversation requires both people to:

  • Be willing to put to one side much of our previously gained knowledge and understanding.
  • Be willing to open to whatever wants to spontaneously emerge from our conversation.
  • Be willing to be surprised by new perspective shifts and spontaneous insights.
  • Be willing to ask the most important question of all: “What is the truth?

So now …


“Leo’s workshops are fun, creative, challenging and very well organised. As a leader and facilitator he shows remarkable creativity, warmth, and sensitivity. He provides a safe yet magical space to explore a large range of issues.”

Nicola Belle, psychotherapist and counsellor


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