I can, of myself, do nothing …

The process of manifesting changes in the external world is that of true prayer. To paraphrase the teachings of Jesus, “I” do not, of myself, have the power to manifest these changes. Only Divine Presence can do that.

The process of manifestation is that of asking, with deep humility.

This is an exceptionally subtle point of understanding because Divine Presence is not a separate entity from ourselves but rather is alive as the very essence of who we are.

The important point to be clear about is that the actual power behind the observed process of manifestation does not reside in the human mind. The human mind can only pray, can only ask.


The Power of Assumption

When we assume our prayer to be already so, already complete and fulfilled, we are assuming our prayers to have been heard and to have been answered by Divine Presence.

It is the height of folly, the pinacle of egoity, to think that our thoughts, in and of themselves, bring about changes in the external world. No, our thoughts are simply our prayer.

The power that answers and fulfils our prayers is the power of Divine Presence.

Divine Presence could also be called the Divine Person, Christ or Krishna Consciousness, Being, Self, or God. Divine Presence is the ultimate truth and reality of who we are, our deepest, innermost core identity.


May you be blessed with great abundance and the deepest peace,




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