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Do you love yourself enough to discover that who you really are is a Divinely Beautiful  Being?


The simple and pleasurable process I call “Conscious Living through Conscious Loving” is the master key to healing all emotional pain and clearing all unnecessary and limiting thoughts from your mind.

Conscious Loving is my shorthand for a way of life powered by the principles of acceptance, compassion, kindness and gratitude – as taught by all wise sages throughout time.

These principles have transformed my life and it would be my great joy to share them with you. Click here to get in touch




Click on the image below to discover who you truly are – a timeless Being whose nature is Divinely beautiful conscious light – through the simple and effortless practice of Self Inquiry

“I love this book. It stands alone as a succinct exposition of the transcendental approach to being present in the Here and Now, with the emphasis on Being rather than doing.

“Being in the Now is an elusive skill and explaining how to attain it even more so. Leo has done a masterful job of it here, while managing to give of himself fully from the Heart in threading his own story into the narrative.

“Reading it, you feel you’re with a great friend as well as great teacher and I recommend it highly.”

Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor

Break Out of Your Mind is my current non-fiction book. Click here to read about it


Create Your Life from Conscious Love



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May you be blessed with clarity, calm and abundant joy,


“Just a note to express my deepest thanks at the profound, yet beautifully simple and powerful insights I’ve gained having now fully read and digested your book, Break Out of Your Mind.

“It is now covered in marker pen, highlighting so many things that resonated. I simply couldn’t stop myself going through it, over and over again, even when I was supposed to be busy on other things …

“I thoroughly enjoyed your honest, soul-searched discoveries and practices, as well being able to further explore that inner stillness of Being that lives within each and every one of us.

“I definitely feel I have gained yet further insights into this spiritual practice and that it has complemented and added to the powerful resonance of being able to see the world in the present moment.

Your writings have a power and truth, and make a real life-changing difference to anyone who is fortunate enough to discover this real gem.”


Peter Mann, NLP trainer and home publisher

“There is something magical about your book and the way you teach. You have done what few other practitioners seem to be able to do – you’ve developed a practical system to help understand and move through what I take to be a non-intellectual process. It’s brilliant.

There are very few books that have given me the immense feeling of hope and excitement that total transformation is not only possible – but graspable NOW using this information.

“I have done some of the exercises in your book and listened to some of the meditations and felt a shift and an awakening with each one. In truth I have had such feelings in my life prior to this but they have usually been spontaneous with no action taken on my part toward that aim that I’m aware of.

As you say, transformation is about “being” rather than “doing” and I feel each of your exercises puts me in a place where I am more receptive, more open to change and realisation and much clearer about how to approach things.”


Rob Plevin (www.theliferaft.org)

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